Okey, so today I have a little different post to share. 

This one is about that one time I did my sisters nails (ok, this one time was today). 

I used mostly Semilac nail polishes and my sister (thank you for being patient,  irreplaceable model, you have a real talent ) picked colour „Dark Khaki. 

Ta da dam


…but you need to allow yourself to cry, to feel hopeless but the moment you realize that shit happens, and this shit has a reason you will feel released. whatever you belive in, god or destiny, your life must have a reason. you are here for something. make something amazing out of this failure. make this failure worth all the pain. learn from it.

„don’t let small thinking cut your life down to size. think big.aim high. act bold. and see just how big you can blow up your life” be the capitan of your own ship. be your own role model. but don’t you dare compare yourself to others. you are you, make this life a little better place even if it means making only yourself happy. think of what makes you happy, do it more. don’t let anyone tell you that doing something that brings you joy is childlish. try to find your passion. work hard to achive your goals. do it in silence, let your success be your noise. you are just enough.